Chai Martini Recipe

Chai Martini Recipe

Chai Martini

Are you someone who loves cocktails? And cozy fall teas? If so, this Chai Martini recipe is for you! This drink requires minimal ingredients,  and is perfect for those who enjoy a delicious, nostalgic fall drink, with a little bit of an added kick!


~     1 -2 oz chai (pre made)

~      1 oz milk or Baileys

~      1 oz chocolate espresso vodka

~      Cinnamon

~      Shaved chocolate


  1. 1 ounce milk or baileys 
  2. 1 ounce vodka - (I use van gogh chocolate espresso vodka in all of my coffee based and chai based drinks). I think that it won’t taste as good with regular vodka, but try it if you’d like!
  3. 1-2 ounces pre-steeped, and cooled Chai tea.
  4. I always cold froth my milk/baileys in my frother. Shake the rest in a shaker with ice. Then mix it together in a martini glass.
  5. Garnish with cinnamon, chocolate shavings or both!
  6. Finish it off by adding a Cinnamon stick across the top of the glass. This isn't required, but does make it look nice and fancy!
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