Gluhwein by New Moon Tea Co

Learn how to make Glühwein for your next Christmas gathering

New Moon Tea Co Gluhwein

Nothing says Christmas like sipping on a hot mug of traditional Gluhwein. With its warm gentle spice and delicate sweetness, holding on to a cup of this mulled wine while it keeps your hands warm at a Christmas market, an office party or family gathering will  have you glowing from the inside out.
Gluhwein by New Moon Tea Co
While I lived in Germany, one of my favourite Christmas traditions was to wander the Stuttgart Christmas Market while sipping on Glühwein. Keeping my hands warm and my spirit aglow, I could spend hours walking from stall to stall taking in all the traditional Christmas glory. In the early days of New Moon Tea co, I knew I wanted to put my own twist on this classic, because if you can't make it to a Christmas market, we can bring that same feeling to you instead.

Gluhwein Directions

Just in time for your next Christmas gathering or an upcoming office party, your recipe for liquid Christmas. Follow the directions below, or add your own unique flair.
Step 1 | Add 1 bottle of Red Wine or 6 Cups of Apple Cider to a      saucepan. 
Step 2 | Add 1-2 Tablespoons of New Moon Tea Co Glühwein Mulling Spices to a cheesecloth or muslin bag (if you don't have a bag to steep spices in, you can strain the spices in Step 4), 1 Lemon Sliced(optional) and 2 Tablespoons of Sugar (more to taste)
Step 3 | Stir on Medium Heat until sugar is dissolved and reduce heat to low for about 30 minutes. Do Not Allow To Boil
Step 4 | Strain or Remove Spices and Serve hot.
Tip | For best results, choose a dry, robust and fruity red wine.
Gluhwein by New Moon Tea Co
New Moon Tea Co Gluhwein
Drinking New Moon Tea Co Gluhwein
I can't wait for you to try this product and when you do, I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments below, Instagram or Facebook.
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