Our Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season coming up, it’s common to get lost in what to gift our friends and loved ones, so we thought that now would be the perfect time for a little gift guide,  while there's still time to order things before Christmas! 


Teas for mamas: 

Chamomile - Chamomile is an incredibly calming herb, and is amazing for tired, run-down mumas, as well as their kiddos. It is soothing on the stomach, and a great before-bed tea of choice. 

Mama Trio & Mama LG - Mama Trio contains maternal tea 1, 2 and 3, for all three semesters of pregnancy. Mama LG contains all above teas, plus a postpartum tea and a postpartum tea sachet! A great gift choice for that pregnant mama in your life!

Postpartum bath sachet - This beautifully healing postpartum bath sachet is a great gift choice for that pregnant or newly postpartum mama in your life. Containing raspberry leaf, lavender, plantain, yarrow, calendula and epsom salts to aid in postpartum healing. This bath sachet can provide the mama in your life some much needed relaxation in their postpartum time. You can also bathe with baby, and this blend of herbs will aid in umbilical cord healing. 

Feminine balance - Not only great for those mamas in your life, but also for your menstruating besties. This tea helps to harmonize and balance hormones, reduce PMS symptoms, and so so much more!

Farm & Forage Batch 003 - This beautiful tea blend is richly nourishing, full of vitamins and minerals to aid in postpartum healing. 

Teas for dads, boyfriends, grandpas: 

Vanilla Rooibos - This tea is an incredibly delicious, caffeine-free option, which I recommend for everyone, not just the men in your life!

Chai - For the men in your life who love some spice - we offer a few different options for our chai. Choose from our Rooibos Chai (naturally caffeine free), Masala Chai (caffeinated), or Golden Chai (Naturally Anti-inflammatory)! Or go for all three, in our Chai Collection pack, and save some money! 

Gunpowder Green Tea - Green tea is naturally caffeinated, controls stress,  can help in preventing prostate cancer and alzheimerz. 

Teas for friends and Siblings: 

Peppermint - A safe and delicious gift choice for those tea lover friends! 

Honeybush Cider - Deliciously Smooth, naturally sweet, and caffeine-free! 

Earl Grey - Deliciously creamy and flavor packed, earl grey is a great choice for those friends who love caffeinated tea with a little added flavor! Save some money by grabbing the Earl Grey Collection pack. 

Holiday Sampler pack - Contains winter earl, honeybush cider and mint cacao. This sampler pack is a great option for those friends or siblings who love trying new teas, and get excited about holiday blends! Winter Earl and Mint Cacao contain caffeine, and Honeybush Cider is naturally caffeine free. 

Don’t forget to check out our tea infusers if you'd like to customize a little tea gift pack for a friend or loved one! 

Written by; Violet Johnson for New Moon Tea Co.

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