Setting your Intentions with our 28 day Teatox

Setting your Intentions with our 28 day Teatox

It's that time of year again, where our bodies need a little extra encouragement after all of the holiday indulgences.

I'll admit it, we have been hitting the holiday treats HARD. We all know starting the new year fresh and with good intentions, is extremely hard to follow through on. We have created a line of teas, where in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, can help you restore your bodies natural processes.


Setting your Intentions

It's easy to make a resolution, or "promise" to ones self, that you will lose weight, eat healthier foods and drink less in 2020. While having goals in ones life is a good thing, let's be honest, new years resolutions are hard. 

Here are a few ways that you can help improve your chances of a successful New Years resolution.

  • Spend time in self reflection and dig into why you are setting your intentions
  • Create a statement for your intention
  • Release your doubts and negative beliefs
  • Allow your intentions to guide your plans
  • Get ready for 2020

Our 28 Day Tea Tox

Our 28 day, 3 step, tea tox geared towards cleansing the blood, supporting the liver and kidneys and replenishing your system. Toxins are biological entities such as bug bites, food allergies, fungus, yeast, bacteria or even emotional trauma. When our systems are out of balance we can over produce substances which act as toxins in our bodies. The liver works with the digestive system and lymph glands to break down and process fats that you are digesting and using as energy. The liver also does things like organizing useful nutrients, clearing toxins, detoxifying the metabolites, maintaining the fat carb balance and feeding tissues within the body. This is why it is important to strengthen the liver before you detox and not over load is with work when you start a detox cleanse.


Pre-tox plays an important role in strengthening the liver before you start a detox, cleanse or weight loss diet. You do not want to overload your liver with extra work, on top of all the other important work it already does.


Detox helps to remove excess toxins and balance your body's natural substances. This tea will cleanse the blood and expel waste, breakdown toxins and support your kidneys and liver. Its diuretic properties will eliminate toxins without leaching out important nutrients.


Anti-Tox is packed full of antioxidants which help protect against damaging free radicals, while continuing to help support your systems and adding vitamins and nutrients.







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