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Tea Cocktail - Southern Peach Cocktail

We just love the southern teas you find in the Southern states and created a cocktail which tastes amazing and reminds us of these traditional teas. Black teas are more commonly used as the traditional cold tea method and Pool Party is our black tea blend. 

Southern Peach Cocktail is our twist on a black cold tea drink with a twist of peach and lemonade. For this one you will use our POOL PARTY iced tea which has the black tea base with a hint of mint and citrus. You will also need some lemon slices and mint.

>>Brew the tea as directed but at half the recommended rate for a stronger tea to make 1 L. Muddle one strawberry and a few mint leaves.

>>Fill glass with Ice.

>>Add 1 oz of Peach Vodka.

>>Fill glass halfway with tea.

>>top up with lemonade.

>>Garnish with a lemon slice and mint.

Take this one with you to any gathering for a quick, and delicious, beverage that everyone is sure to love!

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