The Tea Club

The Tea Club

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Join our brand new Tea club or gift a friend who loves tea.

By joining our club you will receive 3 teas every month that are hand selected by owner, curator and tea lover Christine. As a bonus you will receive all of our new blends before they are released!

On the 2nd of every month we will ship out 3 regular sized teas which have been selected for you, to match the season or month, and when new blends become available you will have exclusive access to new flavours before they are released. Subscribing to our monthly club give you access to our premium teas at a greater value than purchasing individually.



1) Throat (non - caffeinated)

Few of us wake up and smile when there’s a sore throat involved, so let’s get you sipping in the right direction. The roots - marshmallow, licorice and echinacea - will smooth the scratchiness of your throat lining while the comforting kick of herbs like ginger, fennel and clove help fight off an approaching cold, tamper irritating coughs and soften overworked vocal cords. 


2) Cream of Earl (caffeine )

If you take our Classic Earl and smooth out its edges with orange peel, you’ve got our Cream of Earl. It’s a mellowed out version of the original while staying true to its taste with an added hint of sweetness.

3) Relax + Renew (non-caffeinated)

Aren’t those the two words we’re all craving right now? Yes and yes, so let’s brew some softening flower petals and potent herbs to shake that stress from our shoulders and feel a soft sense of peace warm up to any anxiety we’re feeling. Take in a deep inhale, let out a long exhale, let it steep and let it go.