Iced Tea | Beat The Heat


'BEAT THE HEAT' Iced tea is an Organic herbal blend of Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Lemon grass and Coconut Palm Sugar and it is CAFFEINE FREE! A fruity beverage served cold over ice and goes great with fresh or frozen fruit.

Each Bag contains 30g of tea and a Muslin Bag sewn on by hand. CONTAINS SUGAR

***Tea Brewing Instructions***** - Put the tea in the muslin bag provided and into a 2 Liter pitcher. - Add 1 Liter of hot water and steep for 10 min and add sweetener if desired. - Remove the Tea, and add 1 Liter of cold water. - Pour over ice and Serve!!

Hibiscus Mojito
* Brew tea strong at half the recomended rate (1 L).
* Muddle one strawberry and a few mint leaves.
* Add 1 oz. of white rum.
* Add 3 oz. of Iced tea.
* Top with club soda and pour over ice.
* Add honey to sweeten (optional).