Iced Tea | Pool Party

'POOL PARTY' Iced tea is an Organic herbal blend of Black Tea, Spearmint, Orange Peel, and Maqui Berry. Pool Party tastes great on its own or add garnish like an orange and a sprig of mint for a delicious summer drink!
Not only does this tea taste great but it has many natural health benefits.  Maqui berry helps to prevent free radicals and increase proper circulation through the skin and tissues. It helps to reduce inflammation and will increase metabolism and aid with weight loss. 

Each Bag contains 24g of tea and a Muslin Bag sewn on by hand. CONTAINS CAFFEINE

***Tea Brewing Instructions***** - Put the tea in the muslin bag provided and into a 2 Liter pitcher. - Add 1 Liter of hot water and steep for 10 min and add sweetener if desired. - Remove the Tea, and add 1 Liter of cold water. - Pour over ice and Serve!!

Southern Peach Tea Cocktail
* Brew Tea Strong at half of recommended amount (1 L)
* Fill Glass With Ice.
* Add 1 Oz Peach Vodka.
* Fill half with Tea.
* Top With Lemonade ( 2 tsp sugar, cover with warm water, stir and add enough water to make 2 oz)
* Garnish with lemon slice and mint.