Iced Tea | June Bug

June Bug Iced tea is an Organic herbal blend of Honey Bush, Spearmint and Lemon Peel. A Caffeine free delicious iced tea that kids will love! June Bug tastes great served over ice and can be garnished with fresh mint leaves, lemon slices or fresh or frozen fruit!
Each Bag contains 25g of tea and a Muslin Bag sewn on by hand. CAFFEINE FREE

***Tea Brewing Instructions***** - Put the tea in the muslin bag provided and into a 2 Liter pitcher. - Add 1 Liter of hot water and steep for 10 min and add sweetener if desired. - Remove the Tea, and add 1 Liter of cold water. - Pour over ice and Serve!!

Bourbon June Bug Cocktail
* Brew A strong tea, half of the recommended rate (1L).
* 1 Oz of Bourbon.
* 2-3 oz of Peach or Pear juice.
* 2 Oz of June Bug tea.
* Shake on Ice