Surgical Recovery Box - Large

Give the perfect gift to some one special and have it delivered right to their door. This Gift box has everything needed to brighten up some ones day if they are having surgery.
  • A large Surgical Recovery tea for to nourish the body post surgery with herbs that equalize circulation, flush out toxins and regulate healthy functioning of the urinary system while strengthening the liver. Reduce nausea and anxiety while bringing on quiet sleep.
  • A Small Stomach Soothing Tea to calm upset stomach and aid digestion. Relief of nausea and to ease constipation and flatulence.
  • A Lion Tea Charm infuser to represent strength and courage.
  • A Mug Cozy in a neutral color chosen by availability.
  • An "Our Story" card with a brief history and description about our company.
***NOTE** Please add a comment at checkout if you would like to add a card to your box.