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Green Jasmine Tea
Green Jasmine Tea
Green Jasmine Tea

Green Jasmine Tea

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Green Jasmine Tea
• Organic Green Tea infused with Jasmine Flowers
1.5 - 2 tsp of tea into an infuser, pour 8oz of 75C water over, cover, and steep for 2-4 min.
About Green Jasmine  Tea
Jasmine flowers are picked fresh in the morning and open during the night. They are placed between tea leaves and stored over night. This process invokes a fresh and floral aroma, a very pleasant tasting green tea.
• Made With Only 100% Organic Tea
• Handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada
• Made in Small Batches
• Loose Leaf Blend
• Gluten Free/Vegan
• Tea Blend/Contains Caffeine
• Large Makes 25-30 Cups of Tea