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Postpartum BATH | 6 Sachets | WS

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For centuries, natural herbs like comfrey, lavender, yarrow leaf and calendula have been used for post-delivery repair. We’ve added salts and oatmeal to the mix for a bath remedy that helps perineum healing and baby’s umbilical cord healing. Postpartum Healing Bath is also super safe for baby, so feel free to have a solo soak or welcome your little one in for up to 20 minutes. This is a much-needed and extra special gift for any expectant mother to get some mental relaxation and physical mending in.


For best results;

  • Steep pouch in 2 L of almost boiling water and let steep for 15-20 minute
  • Remove pouch from brew, and add the "tea" to your bath water.
  • This can also be used at the above rates on pads and placed into the freezer for postpartum healing



Raspberry Leaf, Lavender, Plantain, Yarrow, Calendula, Epsom Salt



1) Steep 1/2 cup in 4 cups of boiled water for 20 min.

2) Strain Herbs and Add concentration to bath water.

*Use this concentration to our onto pads and freeze for perineum healing and swelling.


Dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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