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TEA COCKTAIL - Cucumber Green Tea Cocktail

Our tasty tea cocktails are sure to please any party goers and we created them with simplicity in mind. When you need to make a lot of drinks for a large group, this is the way to do it. This Cucumber cocktail is fresh and light with a hint of lemon to be sure to please any pallet. A quick and simple recipe which uses our signature SUMMER NIGHTS Iced Tea mix. >> Brew the tea at double strength to make 1 L. >> Muddle 3 slice of cucumber in a tall and skinny cocktail glass. >> Add 1 oz of Vodka. (Cucumber flavor is best) >> Add 2 Oz of Tea and a squeeze of lemon. >> Shake on...

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When its time to start planning your next gathering, one of the most challenging decisions is what to drink. We have come up with 5 classic, easy to make, cocktails using out perfect pitcher pack iced teas.  A classic drink great for the men and the ladies. This Bourbon cocktail is sure to knock you off your feet with a splash of peach and some ice it has an air of sophistication with a bit of sass. Use our signature JUNE BUG Iced Tea mix for this recipe. >> Brew a strong tea, half of the recommended rate to make 1L. >> Add 1 oz of Bourbon. >> Add 2-3 oz of Peach or Pear Juice. >> Add 2 oz...

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Tea Cocktail - Sangria

When its hot out side you want to find refreshing ways to cool off and we have just the thing for you. Check out some great tea cocktail recipes to add a creative and simple twist to any iced tea.  Sangria is a classic summer drink but we find the store bought mixes are loaded with way to much sugar which can leave you feeling dehydrated and possibly sick the next morning. We have come up with this unique blend of Tea and Wine to create a Sangria drink that will keep you hydrated while quenching your thirst. Use are signature SANGRIA Iced Tea mix for this recipe. >>Brew the tea as directed. >>Fill glass (or pitcher) with Ice. >>Fill...

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Tea Cocktail - Southern Peach Cocktail

We just love the southern teas you find in the Southern states and created a cocktail which tastes amazing and reminds us of these traditional teas. Black teas are more commonly used as the traditional cold tea method and Pool Party is our black tea blend.  Southern Peach Cocktail is our twist on a black cold tea drink with a twist of peach and lemonade. For this one you will use our POOL PARTY iced tea which has the black tea base with a hint of mint and citrus. You will also need some lemon slices and mint. >>Brew the tea as directed but at half the recommended rate for a stronger tea to make 1 L. Muddle one strawberry...

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Tea cocktail - Hibiscus Mojito

In the heat of the summer it's hard to find refreshing drinks to make that don't feel heavy like wine or beer and can be made in larger batches, with ease. We have come up with some really great cocktails that go along with our perfect pitcher pack iced teas. By using these refreshing, organic teas, you can eliminate any sugar mixes and ensure a healthy choice.  First up is a hibiscus mojito , a classic favorite with a punch of flavor. For this one you will use our BEAT THE HEAT  iced tea which has a bit of organic coconut sugar in the blend already and is caffeine free. You will also need some in season strawberries and mint....

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