Who We Are

Our farm is located at the East end of the Fraser Valley, in beautiful Chilliwack, BC. Christine started the company in 2014, with a small tea stand at the local farmers market. They now own one retail location and sell through many other stores nation wide. We pride ourselves in having the freshest organic ingredients, without having to add any flavors, color or preservatives.

A professional horticulturalist and a passion for herbs, Christine has become a herbalist creating alternative and holistic tea blends that benefit the whole body.

We are a company that prides ourselves in using only quality ingredients and supplies, while making a small footprint and using sustainable agricultural practices in our operations. Our roots are strong in our community and we are actively involved with other local artists and organizations which are dedicated to conscious awareness and quality ingredients.

We love to help our customers become more aware of how real, clean herbal teas, should, and can taste. We use ingredients that compliment each other and add flavors that bring out the best in all of the herbs. We invite you to join us in the herbal tea journey and try a cup of tea!

With much Gratitude,

Christine Riediger