Herbs For Respiratory Health

With all of the wildfires affecting the air quality in most of North America, I thought this would be a great time to talk a bit about what we can do to keep our lungs and liver healthy. Not only can we use out herbal allies to aid in  keeping our organs healthy, but the steam from a hot cup of tea can help you breath easier and sooth dry and scratchy throats.
One of the most important tools we have is water. Just keeping your self hydrated can help cleanse your body and flush out all of those harmful toxins in the air. Now lets talk bit about what herbs we can infuse in that water to help.
Marshmallow root - It is found to be useful in suppressing coughs due to colds and flues and will help reduce the formation of mucous. * throat tea
Licorice Root - Will actually help the body produce healthy phlegm which helps the respiratory system functioning more efficiently. * throat tea
Red Raspberry Leaf - Supports the body against the seasonal flu and boosts respiratory function. * market fresh
Peppermint - Not only does it make your breath smell great but it has been shown to improve breathing by relaxing your bronchial muscles. * Immune Defence
Tulsi - Helps prevent certain respiratory illnesses like cold and cough to bronchitis and asthma. It helps to enhance immunity, relieving cough and helps to expelling out the phlegm. * Ruby  OR * Lemon Ginger Tulsi
Keeping yourself healthy and strong while you're sick or around unavoidable toxins in the air is key to a healthy system. Green tea has natural antioxidants which can flush out toxins. Our Anti Tox tea has all of the powerful herbs, along with green tea, to to boost antioxidants, flush out toxins from your blood, keep the liver and kidney functioning and add valuable nutrients into your body.

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