5 Ways to Add Green Tea in Your Skincare

5 Ways to Add Green Tea in Your Skincare

Taking on natural skincare ingredients is always a better alternative to more chemically-oriented ones. One of the more popular ones is green tea, with the many wonders it can do for the skin.  The caffeinated beverage is more than just an order at your local coffee shop. For one, it has the ability to neutralize any skin conditions, from acne to psoriasis. Green tea can also give protection against the sun’s UV rays. Even when it comes to anti-aging properties, it’s very effective. The best part is that there are actually a variety of ways to integrate this all-rounder natural ingredient into your daily skincare routine.

Green Tea Face Mask

A warm drink of green tea is a relaxing way to end a long, tiring work day—and so is a soothing face mask. Both the drink and the mask further help with the rejuvenating atmosphere. There are few face masks that come infused with green tea, which can be good options if you prefer a mask that’s ready to go when you need it. There are also some DIY mask recipes that you can try out whenever you have a spare minute. It can also be therapeutic to try and create one yourself.  

Assorted Drinks

Taking good care of your skin isn’t just about what’s on the outside. Skincare also involves keeping track of what you consume. You could drink regular green tea in order to make sure your skin remains healthy, but there’s always the option of trying new drinks. There are a few assortments that you could try.

  • Cocktails

Cocktails are great for a night out—but why not try adding a little green tea in your regular drink? If you’re looking for a drink that’s a lot more fun, there are a number of cocktails to mix. You could maybe whip up a cucumber green tea cocktail recipe to go with a nice dinner.  For other options, you could try a green tea martini or a concoction with jasmine green tea to provide a more earthy, bitter flavor. The latter is more for those who prefer a medium strength in their tea. Still, there are pretty much a bunch of endless flavor possibilities, although they all get the job of helping you consume green tea done.

  • Shakes and Juices

But if alcohol’s not for you, you could always rely on shakes and juices to accompany any meal. It’s possible to find some premade green tea powder that can be used for smoothies or juice. It’s also a lot easier and faster to make this way. You have the option of buying prepacked leaves to use for your drinks—great for those who prefer the most natural way to create drinks. Moroccan mint tea is a good choice in case you want a fresh, minty aroma to your green tea. 

Green Tea Cleanser

Cleansers are always a good bet, and these reliable products also have green tea options. They come in different sizes and consistencies, depending on what works for your own skin and lifestyle. Some come in a cleansing stick mask, while others come in travel sized bottles. There are also green tea products that focus on oil cleansing.  You can choose what kind of cleanser to by based on what fits best with your skin type and your every day routine. 

Green Tea Moisturizer

Moisturizer in itself addresses a lot of skin concerns, but it works even better when it’s infused with green tea. Even though you may think this is the kind of step you can skip, moisturizing can give your skin some much-needed TLC. These products come in creams and gels that work for a variety of skin types. With regular use, this could help make your skin more clear and give it a more natural glow. It’s not something to miss if you want to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. 

Under Eye Patches

Tired eyes are no joke. It’s common to stay up a little too late trying to finish up some project for work, or even just to keep on watching a beloved show. While it’s always healthier to try and avoid these kinds of situations, there has to be some sort of remedy for the times when it can’t be avoided. Under eye patches have green tea variants that have a cooling effect. It can make any signs of those long nights disappear in a quick fix. You could also pick up green tea eye cream to further build on the benefits. 


While this may seem to be an unnecessary step in a simple skincare routine, serums can actually boost your skin’s overall health and appearance.  The product goes deep enough to target particular skincare issues just as green tea does. If you manage to get a hold of some green tea serum for the skin, you can be sure you’re in good hands. Having green tea as an ingredient also means that the serum has more natural elements that you can trust. 

Green Tea: Natural Skincare

In any skincare product, looking through the ingredients is always a safe and smart move. You may find some strong natural ingredients like green tea in your favorite skincare products. When it comes to these kinds of ingredients, you would know more or less what sort of effect to expect from the product. After all, green tea has its own special abilities. It’s definitely the all-rounder skincare ingredient that packs a punch. You can check out more of our green tea options if you want to start adding natural ingredients to your routine. 

Written by; Katreena Sarmiento for New Moon Tea Co.
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